I supply a number of services –

I give information to parents who are unsure whether to vaccinate their children or not. I recommend parents to read information on the internet, after which I meet with them, to answer their questions, and supply information. The decision whether to vaccinate or not is the parent’s decision, I can help with giving information. We meet in my clinic in Hertzliya.

I give lectures to groups of people supplying them with information about the negative sides of vaccinations. These groups can be parents of kindergarten, school class, school or kindy staff, and any group of people interested to have more information on the negative aspects of vaccination. I give lectures in Hertzliya, and surrounding cities and areas.

Links to 2 really good Vaccination Videos, that point out the problems  related to Vaccination, what is vaccination and what is immunisation. The second video shows up the illnesses caused by Vaccination

Link to a very good vaccination blog