I was born and grew up in South Africa. I graduated with a B.Sc degree in Occupational Therapy, after which I took off to travel for a year in Europe. During my travels, I realised that I wanted to settle in Israel.

To date, I have practiced as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist for 35 years, working in Child Development Clinics, special schools,  and privately. I have treated children with every kind of developmental delay and  difficulty, from age zero till 12.

I studied Homeopathy in New Zealand, and since 2001,  run a busy practice in Israel.

I had chronic tonsillitis all my life, and at the age of 35, with 2 small children, after as many years of antibiotics several times a year, my doctor suggested removing my tonsils.

To me  this did not seem to be a reasonable solution. The continual use of antibiotics did not seem reasonable either, but I had no other solution. At the suggestion of an operation, I did start realising that there must be another option. I started understanding  that what I had done till now was not healing, and that I must look for a more permanent solution, that I need to heal myself and my tonsils, and not just shut down the infection.  So I started looking around, and to my delight,  found a homoepath. After the first few months of treatment, I no longer had another tonsillitis episode. But I started becoming aware of myself as a person, aware of other problems, physical and emotional, and I decided to carry on with the treatment in order to heal all of me (as opposed to healing symptoms).

To this day, I am still on my healing journey. It has been a long process (it does not necessarily need to be so long for everyone – but everyone has their own journey and their own path). I am delighted and ecstatic with the health and healing that I have achieved till now, and look forward to even deeper healing and long lasting health in the near future.

My primary aim is to ensure a good quality of life for me and for my clients.  The healthier I am, the greater health I can ensure for my clients.