Healing Process

Healing, real healing takes time. Your illness no doubt took time to develop, so to go in the direction of health will also take time. The amount of time is very individual, from a few days, to weeks and months, maybe years,  to completely heal.

Conventional Medicine uses medications locally, to supress a local problem. The suppression usually takes a very short time, but the problem has been pushed inside. The problem is still there, only the effects of it are temporarily not evident. But usually they come back, again and again, or a more serious illness develops.  Then  illness becomes chronic.

Here Homeopathic treatment can help you. Homeopathy heals your vital force, your immune system.

At conception we receive our Vital Force, which remains with us until we die. Vital Force refers to the life energy within all of us. It is an innate intelligence that is not
entirely physical or spiritual. As there is order to the universe based on energy, so must our internal order or Vital Force energy be in balance. When it is not, disease results and
symptoms develop.

Symptoms of disease are an outer expression of our inner disrupted Vital Force.

In your  homeopathic treatment, you will receive an energy pattern from the meetings and from the homeopathic remedy. Your vital force will react and respond to that energy pattern in a way that firstly your Vital Force heals itself, and then the Vital Force will heal whatever symptoms you have.  YOU are first healed, and one sign of that is that you will feel happy, and  at ease. Then your physical, emotional and mental symptoms will heal.

We Homeopaths understand that we as people are not just a conglomeration of parts, but we are a dynamic whole. The remedy is also dynamic, which means it has no physical molecules of the substance from which it was taken, rather it is a dynamic pattern of the substance from which it was taken. This dynamic pattern has to be matched to  your dynamic pattern, and then healing will take place. This process of matching is what I as a Homeopath will do, by interviewing you and understanding you as a person, and your particular pattern of being.

A good example of dynamic influence is the influence of the sun and the moon on the tides of the ocean. The Sun and Moon have no physical contact with the ocean, but they act DYNAMICALLY on the ocean to produce high and low tides. In the same way, the talks we have, and the remedy, act dynamically, and the Vital Force responds to this dynamic stimulus by healing.

In the same way, when you receive a shock or are grieved by the loss of a close person, the situation has a dynamic influence on you and your vital force in such a way that you develop symptoms – emotional symptoms like sadness, and physical symptoms like difficulty to sleep or any other particular ailment like the flu.

In the same way we are ‘allergic’ to certain trees or pollen, without them touching us physically. The dynamic effect on our vital force is what produces symptoms like itchy eyes and nose.

When you receive your  similar remedy, you will notice an improvement in your general mood, your general state of mind, you will feel happy and optimistic. Over time, you will experience an improvement of all your symptoms, at all levels -physical, mental and emotional. There is no local problem, therefore there cannot be any local solution. You will know you have received a good remedy for you when you as a person feels better, and all your symptoms are improving, until you reach optimum health.

As I said, this takes time, but you will see a gradual improvement in your health at all levels.

The amount of time it will take to heal will depend on your age, the severity and complexity of your illness, the amount of medications that you have taken in the past, and are taking in the present.

In my understanding of the Healing Process, it is vital that you have regular follow up meetings with me, your Homeopath. Your Healing process is dependent not only upon taking a remedy, but also upon the process you go through in the  follow up meetings with me, as they  are a peep through the  window, to see the inside of you, to discover what has changed, how you have changed, how you are dealing better with situations that were difficult for you in the past. The meeting generates awareness about you, and has a dynamic healing effect equal to the use of the remedy. During the meetings, we look at the physical, mental and emotional symptoms, and see what and how and how much has changed. We also look into you as a person to see what has changed in you, and to what extent your experience of your life has changed.

All this is very revealing and healing for you, and it also enables us both to assess your healing process, and to decide whether we need to wait, because the remedy is working nicely, or we need to repeat the remedy, or we need to change the potency or even the remedy.