Women’s Problems

Womens ailments can be effectively  treated homeopathically, and I will give you a few examples:

  1. PERIOD PAINS – A young girl aged 13 came to me after her first period, during which she suffered from excruciating pains. She described the pains as darting from here to there all over her abdomen. She described her personality as someone who is changing her mind all the time, and she loves to make changes in all areas of her life all the time. After 2 doses over 2 months  of the appropriate homeopathic remedy, she has now been pain free for more than a year. Judging by the changes she has overgone in her attitude to life and to herself, I am sure that she has undergone deep healing at all levels of her being.
  2.  MENOPAUSE AND HOT FLUSHES – A 52 year old woman came to me complaining of having had hot flushes for more than a year. Her period ceased more than 2 years ago. She has tried all the natural remedies but to no avail. She does not want to take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) because of potential side effects, and she also believes she needs to cure the reason she has hot flushes, and cure herself, rather than just taking care of the symptoms, the outer signs of a deeper state of out of balance of her being. She received her appropriate homeopathic remedy, and after several repetitions of the remedy over a period of 6 months, her hot flushes gradually reduced till they disappeared completely. She also says she has attained a peace of mind and calmness that  she has never experienced before, and did not expect from the treatment. She didn’t realise the treatment will treat all of her!
  3. INFERTILITY  – A young couple came to me for treatment for infertility. The woman had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, for which she received conventional medical treatment, but still didn’t fall pregnant. I treated both the woman and the man individually, homeopathically, and after they had both received remedies that were helping them with other issues in their lives, the woman fell pregnant. She had a very easy pregnancy and birth. She  gave birth to a healthy baby who did not suffer from the usual ailments  like colic, and he did not get sick when he started to go to day care!! The successful treatment of both his parents before conception contributed to the baby’s health!!
  4. INFERTILITY – I treated a woman who had started IVF treatment. She came to me after the IVF had failed twice. Her homeopathic remedy ensured a natural pregnancy for which she was so happy and greatful! Her baby had some colic during his first 3 months, and after  interviewing  the mother and father, the baby received, and  did well on  the same remedy that mother had received to help her fall pregnant naturally.