Treatment of People with Skin problems

As always in Homeopathy, we treat the person that has the problem, and not the name of the disease ( in Allopathy they only treat according to name of disease).

Problems on the skin are usually a way in which the body gets rid of toxins and  pus, and the result of the discharge process is a skin rash, eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, abscesses etc.

In homeopathy we need to know the type of skin problem, what makes it better and worse, when it occurs, when it started, and what was going on in the life of the person at the time when the problem started. When I get all the information from the patient, including how he is as a person, and how the skin problem affects him, I can prescribe him a homeopathic remedy that is similar in its causes and effects to the whole picture the patient is presenting.

This is in contrast to Allopathy (western medicine) that prescribes on the name of the disease, does not individualise at all, and pushes the ailment back into the body at best (this is when, as a result of allopathy, the patient will say the rash has gone. No, it has not gone, its inside, because the cause is still there. It will come back either in the same way, or worse, or as another illness).

The homeopathic treatment is a process, and  heals the person, the reason and the result of the ailment. You will also feel better in yourself as result to the treatment, and you will notice that other problems will also disappear.