Treatment of people with Autism and PDD

A lot has been written about Autism and PDD, children especially,  and adults. I won’t go into the causes, the signs and symptoms, and the conventional treatment. There is so much information. I will only give you here some of my experience treating Autistic and PDD kids with Homeopathy.

As a Homeopath, I always look for the peculiar, individual, and characteristic signs and symptoms, fears, dreams, behaviours, of my clients. I look for what is not common to the diagnosis of  autism, what is not in the books, what the diagnosis does not depend on. This means that everything that is common to autism, I note, but they don’t indicate my prescription, rather I  look for what is special about the person, what sets him or her apart from every other autistic person. It could be a particular and peculiar dream or fear, a very peculiar food like or dislike, or a particular object or person the autistic person has a connection with. With this information, I apply the law of similars, and prescribe the remedy that the person needs.

Let me give an example of a 5 year old autistic girl who was quite high functioning. She attended a special kindergarden. She had a ravenous appetitie, and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Her behaviour always improved after eating, especially her restlessness. She had a peculiar thing, she lost her breath when she was going up stairs.  In general, she was very restless, she continuously wants to be doing something, she wants to move, and hates being held back. If she was on a walk with her family or playgroup, she would always run ahead. She would get panicky if she was held back when she wanted to run, for example crossing the street. She acted in a peculiar panicky manner.  She would act quite aggressively towards the person holding her back, hitting and lashing out,  even though it was in her own interest! She was impulsive, and talked a lot, though not always made sense.

I prescribed for her the remedy according to the law of similars, and within 2 weeks her mother reported that she was a little less restless, more compliant, and was talking less, though making more sense. Her eye contact with her parents has improved a little. At the one and a half month follow up meeting, I met a much more relaxed, coherent, and communicative child. She was making good eye contact with me, asking me questions, and answering my questions to her. Her mother reported that she has started to do puzzles at home, and draws pictures for the first time in her life!

I continued to follow up this girl once every 2 months. At the 2 year follow up, aged 7, her mother reported that she is registered for a regular class in a regular school! Her communication difficulties are almost completely gone! She is no longer restless, no longer resists having to comply waiting, in fact, she is sometimes the last one to arrive!

Her Psychiatrist was very confused, he thought there may have been a misdiagnosis, as he had never seen a reversal of Autism before!

I must caution and add – the first remedy this child received was the perfect remedy for her, and even so, she needed to be in treatment for 2 years, coming to regular follow up meetings.  Her remedy was repeated as she needed it according to my professional judgement of her healing process. As she was healing, the gaps between the follow up meeting became longer.

Sometimes the person receives two or more remedies till the perfect match between remedy and person is made. This process may be frustrating sometimes for clients, who feel they are paying for a service yet receiving no results. I always add a word of caution here. The match between person and remedy depends  on a few things, the most important being the understanding that the Homeopath has of his client – who he is, what fears, dreams, and experiences he has. A lot of information has to be gathered in order for the best prescription to be made. Sometimes this too is a process, and during this process the client gets to know himself better too!!