Treatment of People with ADHD

I have treated many people, children and adults, who have had the medical diagnosis of ADHD.

In my opinion, and from my clinical experience as a Homeopath and Pediatric Occupational Therapist, the diagnosis of ADHD doesn’t tell us very much, in that each person has their own difficulties and their own expressions of their difficulties. So the homeopathic treatment of people who have been given a diagnosis of ADHD is no different from the treatment of people with any other diagnosis. I need to understand the person, what his symptoms are, and  how his symptoms affect him. So when 10 people come for treatment for ADHD, in all likelyhood, they will each receive a different homeopathic remedy.Now for some examples:

  1. A 10 year old girl, having trouble concentrating, is jumping all over the classroom, distracting the teacher and all the students. She is a very friendly child, and she says she just has to go and tell her friend something in the middle of class. She is very open to everyone, including strangers, which scares her parents. She is afraid of being alone, and is very scared during thunderstorms. One peculiar thing about her is that she is very clingy, but hates being told what to do. After receiving the appropriate Homeopathic remedy for her, she was able to sit still for longer in the class, to concentrate for longer, and could more easily wait till school is over to chat with all her many friends. Her mother reports that she is less clingy, not afraid any more of the thunderstorms, and is happy to be alone, playing in her room. The duration of the treatment was 9 months, and during that time we could see gradual, steady improvement in all areas of her functioning and life. Today she sits through all her lessons with no difficulty, her grades are high, and she is confident and happy.
  2. A 6 year old boy has been kept back in kindergarten because he cannot sit still. He moves all the time, tapping his legs, fingers, and bouncing around. He finds it difficult to play any games that require concentration.   He doesn’t remember the rules, and is constantly argueing. In addition, he is very competitive, and has tantrums when he looses, if he plays at all. He has not managed to learn basic prereading and premath skills, as he cannot sit still for any length of time. He loves music, and  plays drums at a level far above his age. He has temper tantrums whenever things don’t go his way, and can yell and scream for extended periods of time. He is a very cold child, doesn’t ever seem to be able to get warm enough. He doesn’t suffer from the summer heat at all. After receiving the appropriate Homeopathic remedy at each slight relapse, he gradually calmed down, became less restless and active, started taking an interest in preschool activities and skills, and is even teaching himself to read. His temper tantrums have considerably reduced, he is much nicer and easier to be around. His parents and older siblings are very happy with the new family member. This healing process took a year to complete. All the patience of everyone involved certainly paid off very well!!