Convulsions and Fever

Fever convulsions are not caused by fever, rather by viruses and bacteria, and these bacteria and viruses cause all kinds of physiological changes. As part of the illness, the fever goes up, but also, as part of the illness, the child has convulsions. In these illnesses, the convulsions come before the fever. The fever doesn’t bring about the convulsion, rather the physiological processes due to the bacteria or viruses. So if its not the fever that causes the convulsions, they won’t be affected by reducing fever! If there are convulsions during fever, they are not epileptic convulsions and they probably wont repeat. Epileptic convulsions don’t occur after a fever! Dr Yosi Rimer says that fever convulsions are not caused by fever, so there is no need to reduce fever!! Fever is a sign, not a disease / illness.

And don’t forget about the poisoning effects of acamol, neurophen etc! Neurophen, for example, if used too much, can cause kindey failure.
So… Fever is a natural process, that doesn’t cause harm, and we need to treat the child / person, not the fever!!! This is what we do so well with Homeopathy!!! So, if your child has a fever, make an appointment to treat your child with homeopathy!!