Homeopathic treatment of fever


Fever is the body’s response to the presence of  foreign proteins in the form of viruses and bacteria in the body. The body raises its temperature in order to kill or render ineffective the viruses and bacteria.

  • We need to develop a fever in order to deal with what nature throws at us!!

  •  Nature has seen fit to maintain our ability to develop a fever, a sign that its important. If not, this mechanism would not have sustained evolution all these millions of years!

  • Reducing fever negatively affects the immune system. Aggressively reducing fever sometimes does more damage than aid.
  •  Malarial and other illnesses last longer and can be more severe if fever is reduced!! I have seen this in my patients  – children whose fever is taken down by the parents, the illness becomes more severe, and lasts longer! This goes for adults too!
  •  Another gem – bacteria and viruses are less effective at higher temperature! And some of our physiological mechanisms work better at a higher temperature!
  •  So fever improves our resistance to illness!!!

When we give acamol or its cousins to a person who has fever, we are removing from the body its natural response to the viruses or bacteria, and its defense against the viruses or bacteria. The body is rendered weak and helpless. Usually what happens is after the acamol has worn off, the fever is even higher, or there are complications to the original disease. Usually the doctor will say ‘ you also have disease x as well as the original disease’.

The Homeopathic view of treatment of a person who has fever is to support the fever with the appropriate similar individual remedy, so that the body can resist the viruses or bacteria, overcome them, and thus bring about true health to the person. The similar remedy will also address the reason for development of the illness, and so heal the core reason for the illness.

I will give an example. A baby aged 6 months was brought to see me in my clinic with a very high fever. The fever started suddenly, and the parents feel that the fever and his cough started after he was accidently exposed to a very cold wind. He was given the similar remedy to him and his illness, and within and hour his fever was completely normal, his cough subsided, and neither the fever nor the cough came back. He received the homeopathic remedy only once.

Homeopaths understand that fever is the body’s instrument to heal!
Here are two great links (in Hebrew) – a medical Doctor explains how the body develops fever in order to overcome illness, and why we should not reduce fever!