Emergency Treatment

I have treated many people in emergency situations, and the treatment has had a major contribution to the return of full health of these people.

Some examples:


  1. A lady who was very badly injured in a car accident. I visited her in the Intensive Care Unit the day after her accident.   I administered the appropriate homeopathic remedy, and treated her over a period of some months. She recovered faster and with better quality of life than was expected by all the medical staff. Today she is fully functioning. The fact of her being fully functioning today, and her relatively quick recovery, are indications of the effectiveness of the homeopathic treatment.  Without homeopathic treatment, people with these kind of injuries are usually left with residual disability.
  2. I treated a person undergoing a mild stroke, in hospital. The use of the Homeopathic Remedy brought about absorbtion of the blood from the surrounding brain tissue, and minimalised the brain damage.
  3. I am treating a child who suffered a severe head injury after a fall. Her improvement is rapid, and far exceeds expectations from the medical staff. She is almost fully functional, and I expect her to be fully functional within a short period of time. Children with this kind of injury usually have a poor prognosis, and are left with severe residual handicaps.
  4. A child aged 5 received a blow by the soccer ball  to his abdomen during a soccer game. He couldn’t breath, and was on the verge of fainting. The appropriate Homeopathic remedy, administered 2 minutes after the injury, brought immediate relief to the child, and 10 minutes later he was back on the soccer field, as happy as before.
  5. I have treated many people for first and second degree burns with Homeopathic remedies, and they have no residual scarring nor sensitivity.
  6. I have treated many people for allergic reactions to bee and wasp stings, jelly fish stings, and spider bites. The appropriate homeopathic remedy is chosen by me according to symptoms, physical and emotional (panic or laid back for example!) and the resolution of the allergic reaction is fast and lasting, with no need for anti histamine medications.
  7. A child who was bitten by a dog received a homeopathic remedy that quickly resolved the wound, alleviated the pain rapidly, and healed the shock he was experiencing from the trauma.
  8. A herbal tincture made from 2 plants, diluted in water, rapidly stops bleeding and resolves the pain  after you have cut your finger in the kitchen, after your child has come home with a grazed, painful knee. This same tincture, diluted, rapidly heals stictches after ceasarian section, or any other area that has needed to be stiched.
  9. I treated a boy who cut his hand on barbed wire. The bleeding and the pain were very dramatic. A few doses of the appropriate homeopathic remedy, together with the above mentioned tincture, quickly stopped the bleeding, resolved the pain, and in aftersight, left no scarring.
  10. A friend of my son came to me one day with a huge abscess on his leg. It was excruciatingly painful, very sensitive to touch of anything, including his trousers, and even a slight wind. The appropriate homeopathic remedy quickly caused the abscess to open, to drain out, and within 2 days the abscess was completely resolved.