Common Childhood Ailments

Chidren get sick just like adults do, but they cannot explain with words what they are feeling. However, they do so very well with individual gestures and behaviours. Its my job as a Homeopath to pick up on these gestures and behaviours and to prescribe the homeopathic remedy that the child or baby needs in order to heal.

I will give a few examples, but first lets start with CIRCUMCISION. Circumcision is very painful!!! I know, as I have 2 sons who underwent circumcision. I will give you a tip here: Mother tincture of HYPERICUM AND CALENDULA 50% each can be used in the following way to alleviate the pain and speed up healing. Dilute 20 drops of the tincture in half a glass of water, mix, soak gauze bandage in the liquid and place on the wound. You should change the bandage once in 10 minutes, and carry on this procedure for an hour. You can repeat this another few times during the day and night, ceasing when there is no more pain. You will be surprised easily your baby will overcome the circumcision.

Childhood illnesses

  1. I have treated many children of all ages for repeated EAR INFECTIONS. We have prevented the use of gromits for a lot of children by the homeopathic treatment. There have been children who were brought for treatment after placement of gromits, and we prevented the recurrence of ear infections. Usually parents bring the children after several bouts of Ear Infections. I suggest you bring your child after the first bout, as they usually become chronic. With Homeopathic treatment we can prevent the recurrance of the ear infections!!
  2. Children with colds, coughs and  stuffy noses can all be treated homeopathically. Their immune system strengthens, they are seldom ill, and their temperement improves dramatically!
  3. A 9 year old baby was brought to me with a very painful cough, which wakes him at night, and the parents told me they had not slept for 3 nights. The doctor diagnosed a virus, but the baby is not getting better. First of all, I suggested that the parents take him back to the doctor, which they did the following day, and pneumonia was diagnosed. I prescribed a homeopathic remedy for this baby who insists on being carried all the time, insists the parents walk around with him when he is carried, and screams when they sit down or stop moving. He prefers very fast movement, and cannot tollerate the movement ceasing. After 3 days and 3 doses daily of the homeopathic remedy, the baby returned to health, he was happy again, eating and sleeping well. His desire for fast motion also reduced. Even before this episode of pneumonia, he always demanded fast motion. His parents could barely cope! His tendency to catch colds often reduced dramatically over the following year during which I followed his progress.
  4. A 4 year old girl was brought to me because she suffered from what has been diagnosed as ATOPIC DERMATITIS. Atopic Dermatitis is another name for ECZEMA. She had dry itchy patches in the folds ( inner sides ) of her elbows and knees, and behind her ears. She was a very hot and sweaty child, very independent, and would not tollerate her parents helping her with anything, including dressing, washing, eating, and playing. She was very self assured among her friends in playschool, and got into arguements frequently, stating that she was right in her opinion. I prescribed for her the similar remedy that she needed, and within a week her skin had started clearing up. On the next follow up interview a month later, her skin was completely clear. When I saw her in my clinic 6 months later, her skin remained healthy, and her parents report to me that her attitude has toned down dramatically, and she plays happily with her playgroup friends. The arguements are a thing of the past!
  5. BEDWETTING is a common problem both amongst girls and boys. I have treated many children who have had involuntary urination at night, some had   been dry at night, and some never achieved it.  For my prescription I take into consideration the time frame of the bed wetting, the family constellation, the personality of the child, his and her  fears, dreams, and all the circumstances to which he / she  is sensitive. From my experience, the remedy usually needs to be repeated at least 2 or 3 times, at intervals, and the process of achieving continance at night usually takes at least 4 to 6 months, after which there is usually no recorrence of the problem unless the child suffers some trauma or shock.
  6. EPILEPSY of children (and adults ) can be treated and healed effectively with homeopathy. All of the children referred to me with epilepsy were already stabilised on medications, but the parents were looking for alternative healthier ways of treating the epilepsy, rather than remaining on medications for years. Please note, I will never take a person of his medications until I have found an alternative viable solution. As with every other homeopathic treatment, so with children with epilepsy, I always look at the totality of the person – his physical and mental emotional symptoms, his likes and dislikes, what makes him feel better and what worse, and any peculiar symptoms that are not connected to the pathology. Usually treatment of children with epilepsy will take time, until I am absolutely sure that we have cured the reason for the epilepsy. When I say reason, I mean the specific sensitivity of the child, which is usually a combination of specific emotional situations and fears, together with any specific physical senstitivities. When I am very sure that we have healed the child, we can very gradually reduce the medication in collaboration with the prescribing medical physician.