Homeopathy is a system of healing which considers not only the symptoms but also the
patient as a whole, the different ways in which you are affected and how you experience the symptoms – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In the view of the Homeopath, when there is disorder in you as a person, it is expressed as physical or emotional or mental symptoms, or a combination of any or all of these. The mental or emotional or physical symptoms all speak the same language, and they are all expressing the same disturbance of you, in your whole being. So we therefore need to treat at the level of your whole being, in order to put order in your being. If we treat just at the physical level, as does conventional medicine, or at the emotional level, as does psychology, then we have not treated you properly, we have done nothing to solve the problem, we have just ammeliorated the result of the problem.

Homoeopathy considers the individual manner in which your symptoms are expressed,  what makes them better and worse, and what brings them on. I take great note of what symptoms you may experience that are not part of the pathology that you have, and what symptoms occur together.

For example, when  you  consult  me as your homeopath, I will be interested in all of  your complaints, and as you as a person. If you come to me with chronic tonsillitis,  I will want to know whether you can swallow liquids or solids or neither, or both, what kind of pain you experience in your throat, what makes your throat feel better and what makes it feel worse. I will also want to know what foods you like and dislike, what weather you like and dislike, etc, what kind of a person you are, to what kind of things you are sensitive in general, and what happened in  your life before the tonsilitis started.

The law of similars is applied in order to find your remedy. The law of similars states that a substance that can cause a certain pattern of disease, can also cure that pattern of disease. A substance is any material from nature and the universe, be it plant, mineral, animal or fungi.

We know what substances can cause which patterns of disease in a person because we do provings on each individual substance. A proving is a process whereby a group of relatively healthy individuals all take a certain dose of the same Homeopathic remedy, at the same time. Each prover has a supervisor to whom he reports every day. All the symptoms and sensations that come up as a result of taking the remedy, that are not the sensations and symptoms of the prover, are recorded, and a body of information is thus collected which shows what disease pattern, with its symptoms and sensations, at all physical, emotional and mental levels, the remedy can produce. We then know, according to the law of similars, what that remedy can cure.