The value and disadvantage of Antibiotics

Antibiotics can help tremendously when you have an acute infection, and you don’t know what else to do to help yourself.

However, when the infection becomes chronic, when the infection repeats itself, using antibiotics is no longer helpful. They take away the immediate infection, but they don’t prevent the next one.

Using Classical Homeopathy, by a qualified Classical Homeopath, can prevent the next infection, can treat the real deep down cause of the infections, and deliver you a good quality of life.


About Vivienne Nov Classical Homeopathy הומאופתיה קלאסית

I am a Classical Homeopath, living in Israel and running a busy dynamic Homeopathic Clinic in Hertzliya. I do house and hopital visits too, as neccessary. I also work as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, and I endevour to integrate both sides of me into one happy content whole! My experience has shown me that use of Classical Homeopathy for children on the whole spectrum of Developmental Difficulties, including Austistic Spectrum, proves to be a very lasting and sustainable healing option, and is more successful than when the conventional treatment modalities (Occupational and Speech Therapy, Physio, Psychologist, Drama and Art Therapy) are used without the addition of Homeopathy. I use Homeopathy to treat everyone and every ailment and illness! Everyone is invited! .אני הומאופתית קלאסית, חייה ועובדת בהרצליה, ישראל מזה 11 שנים יש לי קליניקה דינמית ומלאה אני גם מרפאה בעיסוק פדיאטרי ועובדת 30 שנה הנסיון שלי מלמד אותי שטיפול הומאופתיה הינה תוספת הכרחי לטיפול קונבנציאונלי בילדים בעלי פגנמי התפתחות מכל הסוגים אני מטפלת בהומאופתיה בכולם, ובכל המחלות כולם מוזמנים
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