Your Homeopathic treatment  takes you on a journey into yourself, you  discover things about yourself that you are not aware of, and you are able to heal yourself with the aid of the Homeopathic consultations and the Homeopathic remedy.


You may have decided to investigate the journey of healing using Classical Homeopathy because Conventional medicine has not helped you, or has not helped long term, or not in the way you would have wanted it to help.

The concepts of healing, of disease and health, for a Homeopath, are very different from those of conventional doctors.

Healing with Homeopathy means healing the reason for your ill health, for your dis-ease. Finally you are healing the root cause of you discomfort, and you are embarking on a life of good health and well being.

This healing is a process. Real deep healing takes time. The meetings with me, and the homeopathic remedy, are both integral parts of the healing process.

When healing at this level takes place, you may be able to fully live your life at all levels.

I invite you to take a look at health and healing through my homeopathic eyes, via my pages. Perhaps you  have found what you are looking for!  I look forward to meeting you, if we have not yet met!